Some of my clients have requested this testimonials page so they can write a review and upload and proudly share photos of their new hair.

   Tricia Burton

Jul 2018: I’d like to think one of my few vanities is my hair. It’s thick, got good body, and just enough wave/curl to make it very easy to style.
In April, 2017, after a fall, I got a scalp infection, and ended up with a 10cm by 11cm bald patch on my head.
Fortunately, a friend of mine has been a client of Ross Coco’s for years, and encouraged me to contact him about providing me with a hair piece.
Ross was so caring, professional, and supportive in all ways, and you can see from the photos that it is a difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish the hair piecefrom my real hair. In fact, the only reason a lot of people know about it, is because I am so inordinately proud of it, I can’t resist challenging them to detect it! It’s as if I did it myself!
Thank you so much, Ross. I can’t recommend your services highly enough.


Jun 2018: WOW!!! love my new hair. I've never had a hairpiece fit me so well that it feels like my own hair. I'm a totally new man now. Thank you Ross, I can see why they say you're the best!

   Raj Velu

Dec 2017: Ross has experience and technical expertise when it comes to hair dressing. I felt 100% satisfied whenever I receive his service. I would recommend him to anyone.

   John Hadfield

Nov 2017: Ross Coco has been fantastic from start to finish. Super helpful, accommodating and friendly. Excellent customer service and I won't hesitate to recommend his services.

   Anthony Dicker

Nov 2017: I have known Ross Coco for over 30 years. He fitted my first hairpiece, and not even my closest friends know that I wear a hairpiece. I have found Ross to be sensitive, genuine and always interested in helping me.

   Frances McMahon

Nov 2017: Highly recommended! Ross Coco is professional, approachable, and who genuinely cares about his clients.

   Loretta Tilley

Nov 2017: The best barber in Brisbane!

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