How long is the duration of the first consultation?
It will take as long as it takes to answer all your questions and you feel comfortable knowing you're dealing with the person that will provide you with what you expect. If you do decide to proceed a deposit will be required.

Do you also make hair replacement systems for women?
I receive the same number of inquiries for women's hair replacement system as I receive for men's hair replacement system.

How easy is it to tend to my hair replacement system?
Very easy.
It's just like your your own hair. Wash and wear. That's it!

How long will my hair replacement system last?
This depends on weights worn again this will be discussed in our consultation I have some clients that can make them last 3 to 4 years and some less but Going back to value my prices are priced accordingly to give you your value for those use you wish to expect how long it will last.

Can you make hair replacement systems for all hair types, lengths and colours?
Because everyone is and individual I can provide hair replacement system for any hair length, type and colour, whether it be short, medium, long, straight, wavy, curly, white, grey, brown, black, blond, red, streaks, or a percentage of grey hairs added for that authentic natural look. I can match it perfectly to the hairs on your head.

Can you match a hair replacement system to my salt-pepper, graying hair type?
Colour matching comes with my 47 years experience in this profession. During the last 47 years there has not been a colour that I have not been able to match.

How will I look and feel?
You will look and feel as like another person who has no hair loss.

How should I care for my hair replacement system, and show should I wash it?
All of these concerns are dealt with during your initial consultation. You will be wearing something as if it was your own hair and you should should treat your hair replacement system as such. I will provide you with some recommendations to help you make your new hair replacement system last longer.

Do you recommend and special products to use on my hair replacement system?
I recommend KEUNE Silver Reflex Shampoo and KEUNE Careline Platinum Blonde Conditioner, which help reduce the red effect from coloured hair fibres to give your hair replacement system a more natural look.
I also recommend AGADIR Argan Oil spray treatment to add a natural shine and prolong the life of your hair replacement system. These are all premium products and can be easily purchased everywhere.

Do you provide adjustment fittings?
Adjustments fittings are free, and may normally be required after the hair replacement system has settled within the first month of purchase. If you require any future fitting adjustments at any time, they are provided free of charge. I will only be happy with you're hair replacement system if you are totally happy with it.

Do you provide haircut and hair replacement system washing services, and how much do you charge for this?
Certainly! Your hair replacement system is no different to to shampooing your own hair. If you prefer, I'm more than happy to provide both of these services to you at minimal cost.

Can my hair replacement system be repaired?
For minor service charge, I will personally tend to your hair replacement system. If it requires more work to rejuvenate it back to a new condition, it will be sent to the factory for a minimal cost. This can obviously only be done if the client has a second hair replacement system to wear in the meantime. Normally extensive rejuvenation isn't even necessary during the first 12 months after purchase.

Will I feel that I am wearing a hair replacement system, and does it feel natural?
It feels totally natural. Within the first five minutes of wearing your new hair replacement system for the first time, you won't realise you're wearing it and will need to look in the mirror to be reminded that you are now wearing your new hair replacement system.

How long will I have to wait for my hair replacement system once it's ordered?
After your initial free consultation, a deposit is required when you decide to order your new hair replacement system. Then there is approximately a 12 week waiting period while your hair replacement system is created, after which I will contact you to arrange a time for the fitting of your new hair replacement system.

Will other people notice that I'm wearing a hair replacement system?
Absolutely not!
I can guarantee this because I've been a men's hairstylist four over 47 years.

How much does a new hair replacement system cost?
The cost of each hair replacement system depends on the individual. Because there are so many different styles of bases and size cost will vary. You can be assured that all prices are designed to give you value and satisfaction that you have paid for something that you are completely happy with.More importantly it saves you money because there are no ongoing maintenance cost. Just wash and wear it as if it was your own natural hair.

What will people say, or think when I turn up with my new hair?
In our first consultation we will discuss what your expectations are and you expect to achieve for your new look. The answer to your question, all comments will be positive.
Arriving at work the following day with his new look a client's work colleague made the comment: "You're not wearing your glasses today."
My client does not wear glasses...

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